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It’s disguising to see someone you once had feelings for talk about another girl the same way he used to talk about you. I get that I ended things but you going around talking about your girlfriend is fucking gross, especially how you use the same words you used on me. Watching her eat up those words the same way I did makes me sick to the stomach. She hasn’t seen the real you. You are pathetic, ignorant and selfish. What is worse is your girlfriend is a fugly slut.


Late at night I always find myself thinking about you. Maybe it has to do with the late night conversations that became a ritual to us. Nothing that was said was serious, we were two stupid little kids back then. Oh how much I miss those days. Our innocent selves is what I miss the most. Who I’ve become is a broken, used and dirty version of a young girl who once love you and you loved back. We made promises to each other, We had our whole life planned, you and I , we were gonna rule the world together!