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Late at night I always find myself thinking about you. Maybe it has to do with the late night conversations that became a ritual to us. Nothing that was said was serious, we were two stupid little kids back then. Oh how much I miss those days. Our innocent selves is what I miss the most. Who I’ve become is a broken, used and dirty version of a young girl who once love you and you loved back. We made promises to each other, We had our whole life planned, you and I , we were gonna rule the world together!

Isn’t it weird how you spend so many years getting to know someone, and I mean deep shit like sharing secrets. You finally got to a point where you are yourself around them because they accept you for who you are - at first it was hard to let them see you in your own naked personality, since no one has seen that side of you for a long long time. This is when you know everything about them and they know everything about you, and then suddenly you two share something very special -  in that moment you forget everything about that person, you discover a whole new world. 

Because you are a beautiful lie